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Below you will find a handful of our many sought after holiday hotspots, destinations we specialise in, although this list is not exhaustive and we have access to every destination in the world, from the bright lights of Dubai to the charismatic islands of the Maldives, you name it Exquisite Escapes has it!  



Dubai is the city of the future. It’s a destination where you can admire beautiful beaches and stunning natural landscapes at every turn, discover hidden cultural gems and historic souks, and explore inspiring architecture and modern marvels  – all in a day. It’s a place of intriguing contrasts and never-ending surprises.

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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi promises year-round sunshine, pristine beaches, spectacular sand dunes and a pulsating cosmopolitan lifestyle for every guest in Abu Dhabi. The palace-like shopping malls and indigenous souqs in Abu Dhabi make it a great shopping expedition. The city bursts with dazzling leisure facilities ranging from state-of-the-art luxurious hotels, spas, designer golf courses, theatres and very soon, some of the world’s most famous museums. It is also home to one of the worlds most glorious mosques Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Packages start from just £499pp



Imagine private white-sand islands surrounded by crystal blue waters… the Maldives is the ultimate luxury island Exquisite Escape! The islands are without a doubt one of the most beautiful places on earth today. Offering the ultimate desert island paradise with the most incredible crystal clear turquoise waters, shallow lagoons, endless sunshine and some of the best coral reefs left on the planet.  All of this coupled with the most wonderful warm friendly people makes the Maldives heaven on earth.

Packages start from just £1299pp



Irresistible island escapes and some of the best beaches in the world combine with extraordinary natural beauty on a holiday to the Seychelles.

Packages start from just £1499pp

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A spectacular blend of dramatic natural beauty and charming culture; discover an island of paradise, explore an incredibly diverse landscape; history combined seamlessly with beautiful beaches, jungle forests, gourmet eateries and luxury spa retreats, Bali has endless possibilities.

Packages start from just £999pp



Phuket is one of the most magical escapes in Thailand, featuring beautiful beaches, fascinating culture, nightlife and stays in magnificent resorts. But beyond the beach, dazzling offerings of culture, nightlife and world-beating cuisine can also be enjoyed on your stay in the number of luxury resorts, making this one of the quintessential destinations holidays in Thailand.

Packages start from just £699pp



Sensational shopping and a space-age skyline combined with an explosive food culture. Extravagant, wealthy and packed full of contrasts, this is a city-state with an infectious energy, renowned for its sensational shopping malls, street markets and mouth-watering cuisine.

Packages start from just £799pp



Cosmopolitan cities and an epic beach culture, meet fiery Outback sunsets and a rich indigenous heritage across Australia, Appearing high on bucket lists and once-in-a-lifetime travel plans, this huge island continent captures imaginations with its wild beauty, iconic cityscapes and world-class wildlife. It's like nowhere else on the planet.

Packages start from just £1199pp 



Roam silver-screen islands and discover some of the world’s most spectacular coral, one of the most picturesque places on Earth. You’ll discover pristine white-sand beaches, breathtaking leafy landscapes and a wonderfully diverse culture spanning indigenous, Indian, European and Chinese heritage — Fijians are some of the warmest people you’ll meet, so expect friendly exchanges of bula (the local greeting) wherever you go.

Packages start at £1899pp


New Zealand

Discover a breathtaking and unspoilt fantasy land. There is perhaps nowhere in the world more enchanting, nor more naturally beautiful, than New Zealand. From dramatic mountains and forested valleys to majestic ice floes and glacial lakes and from dormant volcanoes to rolling vineyards, this is a brilliant destination for everything including self-drives and cruises.

Packages start from just £1499pp

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